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Tribal Education Trust Fund will have to wait another year

Feb 18, 2023

An important Tribal Remedy Framework initiative, the Tribal Education Trust Fund, will have to wait another year. As Representative Lente told New Mexico In Depth, he agreed to refrain from making further efforts to get $50 million for the Trust Fund into this year’s budget in return for asking for much more money in 2024. The budget was passed by the House this week without money for the Trust Fund. 

According to NM in Depth, House Speaker Javier Martínez and Budget Chair Nathan Small gave Rep. Lente assurances that the Tribal Education Trust Fund proposal will be part of the 2024 budget discussions. Speaker Martínez confirmed that lawmakers would “absolutely” talk about the Trust Fund with plans to fund it at a much higher level. 

Thanks to all for your ongoing support with this effort!