Tribal Education Alliance

Working in partnership with New Mexico’s Native Nations, Tribes, and Pueblos to ensure an equitable, culturally relevant education for Native children.

The Tribal Remedy Framework

The Tribal Remedy Framework is a comprehensive plan for meeting the educational needs of Native students and their tribal communities. It was created collectively by tribal community members and Indigenous education experts, following a series of tribal Community Education Institutes and Pueblo Convocations. The Tribal Remedy Framework has been endorsed by the leadership of New Mexico’s 23 Nations, Tribes and Pueblos.

TEA Goal: A Tribal Education Trust Fund

Tribal response to Yazzie/Martinez court ruling

The Tribal Remedy Framework (TRF) responds to the landmark 2018 Yazzie/Martinez v. State of New Mexico court ruling, which ordered the state to transform the public education system to ensure that “at-risk” students, including Native Americans, receive an equitable and culturally relevant education.

Tribal leadership has called on the State of New Mexico to adopt the TRF, comply with the court order, and implement the New Mexico Indian Education Act of 2003.

The All Pueblo Council of Governors passed a resolution in November 2022 in support of the Tribal Education Trust Fund. 

2023 Legislative Factsheets

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HB 140: Tribal Education Trust Fund

FAQs: Tribal Education Trust Fund

HB 149: PED Native American Funding

HB 147: Indian Education Fund Distributions

HB 148: Early Childhood Dept. Tribal Agreements – PASSED!

HB 280 Technical Assistance Centers for Indian Ed. – PASSED!

Tribal Remedy Framework Bills 2023

The Tribal Remedy Framework

Transforming Our Education System