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Tribal education bills to be heard in House Education

Jan 25, 2024

Tomorrow, Friday, January 26, at 8:30 am, the House Education Committee will hear HB 134, establishing a Tribal Education Trust Fund, along with HB 135, simplifying the Indian Education grant process.

Both bills will strengthen tribal capacity for providing much-needed education programs, from Native language teaching to after-school supports for Native students.

HB 134 establishes a new Tribal Education Trust Fund to invest in tribal education capacity for generations to come. This would secure stable and consistent resources for Tribes to support Native students in their communities and to collaborate with school districts.  

HB 135 would make existing Indian education funding easier to access and use. The bill requires timely, upfront disbursements to Tribes to ensure that available funding can be fully used and does not revert.

Please come and support these important bills. The committee needs to hear from tribal educators!

Join us in Room 309 or on zoom.