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Support HB 280, Tech. Assistance Centers, in Committee and on the Senate Floor!

Mar 13, 2023

Wednesday morning, March 15, HB 280 (Rep. Lente) Technical Assistance Centers for Indian Education, will be heard in the Senate Education Committee. Please email the Committee at [email protected] and ask them to pass HB 280, then contact your Senator and ask them to support HB 280 on the Senate Floor.

With only a few more days until the end of the session, HB 280 must get a full Senate vote as soon as possible!

HB 280 will establish Technical Assistance Centers that work with Indigenous experts to help schools, school districts, and tribal education departments better meet the needs of Native students.

Other tribal education bills still awaiting a Senate Floor vote:

SB 482 (Sen. Shendo) and HB 198 (Rep. Lente) urgently need action on the Senate Floor. Please ask Senate Leadership to schedule these bills for a vote!

SB 482, State-Tribal Education Compact Schools Act, allows a Tribe to operate a state-funded school using the Tribe’s own education standards, based on language and culture, independent of state curriculum and evaluation requirements.

HB 198, Career Tech Funds, ensures that Native students have equal access to high-quality career technical education programs.

Contact Senate Leadership and ask them to schedule a vote on HB 280, SB 482, and HB 198!