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Progress of tribal education bills: awaiting hearings in full Senate/House

Mar 9, 2023

This week, HB 280, Technical Assistance Centers for Indian Education, and HB 198, Career Technical Funds for BIE Schools, advanced to the House Floor and Senate Floor, respectively.

HB 280 must now cross over to the Senate, so its swift passage by the House will be key.

HB 198, along with HB 148, Early Childhood Dept. Tribal Agreements, are awaiting their final legislative hearing by the full Senate. This is the last step before these two bills go to the Governor to be signed into law.

Please contact your legislator to help push all three bills over the finish line!

HB 280 creates Technical Assistance Centers for Indian education, using Indigenous experts to help schools, school districts, and tribal education departments better meet the needs of Native students. 

HB 198 allows the nine Bureau of Indian Education secondary schools in New Mexico to apply for the same career technical funding provided for school districts and charter schools. This will give Native students equal access to high-quality career technical education programs.

HB 148 ensures that Tribes can develop and deliver self-determined early childhood education and care programs, with state funding but without state interference. This will increase Native children’s access to high-quality pre-K programs that affirm and preserve their cultural and linguistic identities.