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Please help get tribal education bills HB 198 and SB 482 over the finish line!

Mar 12, 2023

Two important tribal education bills are awaiting a vote on the Senate Floor: HB 198, Career Technical Funds for Indian Ed. Schools, sponsored by Rep. Lente, and SB 482, State-Tribal Education Compact Schools Act, sponsored by Sen. Shendo. Please contact your Senator TODAY and ask them to vote YES on these bills!

SB 482, which authorizes state-tribal education compacts, will likely be voted on TODAY. This bill would allow a Tribe to operate a state-funded school using the Tribe’s own education standards, based on language and culture, independent of state curriculum and evaluation requirements.

HB 198 would ensure that Native students have equal access to high-quality career technical education programs. This bill is awaiting its final vote but has not been scheduled yet, so please contact Senate Leadership and ask to schedule a vote.

What you can do to help pass HB 198 and SB 482:

  1. Contact your Senator: Look up your Senator’s name and contact details here; call or email and ask them to vote YES on HB 198 and SB 482. Let them know that both of these bills are important for ensuring an equitable, culturally relevant education for Native students.
  1. Contact Senate Leadership: Ask Leadership to schedule a vote on HB 198 now!