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Legislative wins for tribal education! Bills for Tech Assistance Centers and BIE School Career Tech funding passed!

Mar 17, 2023

Right before the end of the legislative session, two more tribal education bills passed the Legislature and are ready for the Governor’s signature: HB 280, Technical Assistance Centers for Indian Education, and HB 198, Career Tech Funding for BIE Schools, received Senate consent! Together with HB 148, Early Childhood Department Tribal Agreements, these bills will protect and strengthen tribal education sovereignty in state law and bring us closer to ensuring an equitable, culturally relevant education for Native children.

All three bills were carried by Rep. Derrick Lente, driven by his commitment to the well-being of Native children. A coalition of tribal school leaders and educators led the charge on HB 198, coordinated by the LANL Foundation.

Most importantly, thanks so much to all of you who advocated tirelessly on behalf of Native children and the preservation of Indigenous languages and cultures! Your support was crucial in guiding these bills through their long legislative journey. Your voices as Tribal Leaders, Native educators, students, and parents were loud and clear, and state legislators heard you.

At the Tribal Education Alliance, we are deeply grateful for your leadership and engagement.